Monday, January 26, 2004

More State Attorney General Stuff & The Junk e-mail Keeps Coming

As for the latest on the State's Attorney Generals office decision about the Envoy situation....I am now leaning toward believing the AG's office will rule against Envoy. I am not usually one to believe rumors, but the rumor mill is strong that the AG's office will come out with an opinion against the fee Envoy charges vendors. I suspect that Envoy believes they will be able to stay in business even if the fee is ruled illegal, I don't know how they plan on doing it but I bet they have something up their sleeve. It might be possible that they will give away their TPA services in exchange for the right to market to the educators their high cost, junky products - I would actually be fine with that as long as the fees are not charged to the vendors. I would rather have them gone - but my real beef is with the fee and how it will affect teachers long term.

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